What I Love About SavageLife PodKast YouTube Channel

Create your own videos with “SavageLife Podkast” feature

My friend has created a YouTube channel for his popular podcast called SavageLife. It’s hosted by him and has over 35 thousand downloads to date. The site is a great way for people who enjoy popular podcasts to show their appreciation of the show and get others hooked on it as well. One way that people have loved the site so far is by creating their own videos with the help of the “SavageLife Podkast” feature. This is a simple add-on which enables anyone to upload a short video with a background music track of their choosing, and the option of either having it played straight through or converting it to a WebVpn server so others can view it as well.

Some of my very favorite videos on the site are ones with interviews from listeners. These are the kinds of videos that really made my day when I first discovered them. They’re also some of the more controversial ones that tend to get a lot of attention from listeners. They’re often great insights into current events which you likely wouldn’t have heard otherwise. They’re truly popular and something that I hope more people will begin to do with videos.

Brainstorming ideas with others

The “SavageLife Podkast” is also a great way to get others involved in the discussion. It’s a place where people can brainstorm and give opinions or criticism of your videos. It’s a great place to build relationships and get ideas for future episodes.

The “SavageLife Podkast” is also where the “SavageLife” podcast gets hosted. This is a great place to introduce new guests who may be looking to get started with a podcast of their own. I’ve had many people tell me that this is where they first started out when they were just getting started with podcasting. It’s actually a great place to pick up topics if you’re starting out and find out what is popular before spending money on production equipment.

How it works?

A lot of people are wondering how the “SavageLife Podkast” works. First, you’ll have to make a video and upload it to YouTube. You can either upload the video to your own website or to our own video sharing service such as Onewayshare or Scribd. Once you have your video uploaded you can then comment on it with a link back to the SavageLife PodKast YouTube channel.

Some people think that comments on the videos are not visible by search engines. However, this is untrue. If you use Google, Yahoo or Bing to search for specific search terms, you should be able to see the video comments. It is very possible for the search engine to ignore comments and leave out the video comments. But this really isn’t the case with this service. If you have the proper authorization code, you can comment on any video!

Other Video blogs

A couple of other video blogs that you might also want to look into are Videoiral and Revverweb. These sites offer a similar service in which you can submit a video for others to view in the comfort of your own home. Many individuals use these services to share funny clips and other unique videos they find funny or that will make you laugh. Most of these video blogs are free to join and if you aren’t satisfied with the videos you see you can always subscribe to get new content. This way you always have fresh content to watch.

It’s really a neat way to share videos from your favorite shows, music, or movies. I highly recommend getting involved with the video blog genre as it is proving to be an excellent way to generate traffic and get much needed back links to your websites. It’s also a great way to build relationships with other podcasters in your particular niche. The fact is, you can’t go wrong when you start subscribing to the What I love about SavageLife PodKast YouTube channel.

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