Sodead is Solana NFT Franchise, powered by Immortal Inc. Sodead combines the best art brought to you by the most outstanding community including the exceptionally excellent utilities of Solana.

Vampire-themed atmospheric Nfts are an excellent addition for any serious collector and the estimated value behind Nfts is humongous.
Additionally, according to Sodead, vampires are immortal beings living on Sodead blockchain. Sodead can be considered to be a source of a value-centric ecosystem of products and tools, aimed to create a top-tier vampire franchise. Vampires are vibing in Sodead’s unique collection with the best of web3 solutions.
At Sodead, there is immortal quality and innovation.

Sodead‘s success is guaranteed by Sodead NFT Team which is well nested in immortal Inc’s development and web management.
Currently, Immortal Inc is involved with 40+ employees and 10 more contributors yielding to a great team!

Here are some inquiries that can truly be helpful for customers who wish to invest in Sodead’s beautiful pieces of Art:

1-Where to buy Sodead:
Sodead’s currently listed on MagicEden and Elixir.

2-What to know about Sodead:
We have 3 types of Sodeads – originals, purified, and tribes. Customers can check out their prices and benefits in Discord.

3-What to know about the Native blockchain for Sodead:
Sodead is blockchain agnostic, currently living on Solana.

Sodead is a Solana NFT project, mixing PFP, brand, and utility with a smashing profit-sharing model.
4200 Vampires, forever living and hunting on the Solana blockchain. Sodead is an ever-developing

Sodead collection can also be checked on the following links:
Here is the extravagant Twitter account of Sodead:

The talent of Sodead is exceptionally visible in the amazing collection on Magic Eden gallery:

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