A Step Forward Towards Hurricane Resistant Homes

The tremendously catastrophic effects of Hurricane Ian and other related disasters are evidence of how vulnerable and susceptible buildings can be due to such catastrophic environmental tragedies! Kristopher Harris, the founder of HK Ascensions, suggested building hurricaneresistant homes. This offers a major advantage in keeping families and their belongings safe. Additionally, the safety of the community is crucial in the aspect of saving the lives of people! These hurricaneresistant homes are truly a step forward in the right direction toward community health and safety!

Kristopher Harris is a prominent entrepreneur known for his reputation and philanthropy! As the co-founder of GRO (Gaining Resources for Outreach), a nonprofit committed to working with underserved and marginalized communities to promote and advance political capital, community welfare, and financial literacy through outreach endeavors, Kristopher Harris is the right person to suggest and implement this crucial step towards building hurricaneresistant homes that are particularly resistant to the damages that hurricanes can cause. Kristopher Harris has also co-founded ClubManny in order to donate 51% of profits from web 3.0 NFT so as to donate to the water conservation community and Oyster Boy Conservation, a non-profit 501-c3 using natural water filtration methods to improve water and food quality. Making the decision to invest and establish in HK Ascensions Incorporated, a Florida-based holding company with a portfolio of businesses in different services such as real estate investing, consulting, and trucking sectors have helped Kristopher Harris focus on community development as a whole and therefore take a great step forward in helping the community by implementing the step towards building more hurricane – resistant homes!

The outstanding and crucial decision to build more hurricaneresistant homes is truly exceptional considering the damages that Hurricane Ian has caused across lee and Sarasota counties. In fact, this is not the first time that Kristopher and the team at HK Ascensions are channeling their resources into developing the community! Indeed, the company has recently embarked on a $25M waterfront community revitalization development in St Marks (Florida). HK Ascensions will be bringing their investment as well as experience, resources, and expertise in the construction project so as to build hurricaneresistant homes that can successfully withstand the effect of the hurricane and help keep families safer!

For further information regarding the hurricaneresistant homes project and other initiatives related to HK Ascensions, it is recommended to visit the following link Рhttps://hkascensions.com/. HK Ascensions Inc. can also be found via different social media platforms including both Instagram and LinkedIn.

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