Women Investors in Web3

Eve is your gateway to connect with Crypto Curious and  Crypto Confident Women!

Eve is a Global community building wealth in a web3 world with a feminine lens. Eve shares portfolios, co-invests, and supports each other in a self-guided wealth management program that is through peer-to-peer learning. Eve is constantly redefining what wealth means and who gets to build it. Powered by a community of top-line investors, operators, and thinkers, Eve is bound by shared values and incentives.

Eve has developed programs with easy tools that help clients to level up in a web3 world.

Clients can graciously experience step-by-step guidance on the most essential tools and technologies in web3. 

Whether for career, investing, or curiosity, clients at Eve will definitely get the demos, resources, and detailed how-to guides.

Whether it is Web3, NFTs, Decentralized Finance, or Stablecoins, Eve demystifies these concepts, shares the tools, and walks clients through the process – all with a feminine lens. Eve has magnificently designed these concepts with top experts for everyone. 

Eve is excellent for clients if they are new to the decentralized finance “Defi”  or Web3 space and want to learn about the technology and opportunities.

Eve is excellent for clients who wish to clarify the best way to leverage unique talents in a web3 world whether for career, investing, or learning.

Eve is excellent for clients who are committed to building long-term and sustainable growth in all areas (money, mind, body, and planet).

Eve will help you go from crypto curious to crypto confident! Eve offers a trusted space where women can learn and earn, together. More than 74% of crypto users are men, there’s a huge opportunity through Eve to create more diversity in this new technology and wealth-building revolution.

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