Rug and Cushion Technology For Massage Spa Chairs

There has been a lot of talk in the media recently about massage spas and their new innovation of rug and cushion technology  for Massage Spa. This technology is called Tapis Champs De Fleurs. This rug and cushion technology is intending to create a therapeutic environment that is as close as possible to the actual massage therapy experience. A big selling point for massage spas is that their therapists are able to use the very same equipment that they are using to perform their therapy session. If you have ever spent any time at a massage spa, then you probably already know just how comfortable and relaxed the atmosphere can get, this innovation by massage spas is meant to take this comfort factor one step further.

The Tapis De Fleurs Technology is designed to reduce the amount of friction and heat transfer from the therapist’s hands to the patient’s skin, which is usually one of the sources of discomfort during massage therapy sessions. Typically, a massage therapist will apply hot compression to muscles or tendons with their hands and then use the same hands to rub foam padding against the patient’s back. The friction caused by these two different activities causes the skin to release natural lubricants and heat, which can lead to pain and discomfort. By using the Rug and Cushion Technology for massage spas, these problems are alleviated, and the body is put under less stress than is possible without the cushions and rugs.

When it comes to selecting a massage therapist, consider using a system such as the Champs De Fleurs Technology for massage spa chairs. It is important that your therapist has the right tools to provide you with the best possible therapy. Take the time to learn about the products that are available, and make sure that you only select the ones that are best suited to your needs. A good massage therapist should be able to use the rug and cushion system, as well as the recliners and chairs that are available to give you the ultimate in comfort.

Another advantage to these wonderful products is that they can also be used in conjunction with other therapeutic massage items. For example, you can purchase special pillows that can be used for both stretching and relief during your massage. There is no reason that you have to suffer from pain and discomfort while getting a massage. These innovative products are a must-have for every massage spa chair.

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