Lena Zevgara (Λένα Ζευγαρά) was born on 24 March 1992 in the village of Karditsomagoula! She is a sensational Greek folk singer. Her first song was released in 2015 by the record company Spicy entitled “Thalassa I Agapi”. Lena Zevgara is considered the next big thing in the Greek laiko music genre. Lena Zevgara has released outstanding tracks that immediately became hits due to the superior voice of the artist as well as her unique talent. Although she initially studied Economics at the University of Macedonia, singing was her great passion and still remains! In one of Lena Zevgara Live performances across Northern Greece, the producer Michalis Touratzidis listened to Lena Zevgara and immediately knew that Lena Zevgara is worthy of his investment! He invested in Lena Zevgara‘s talent, believing in her capacity. With Lena Zevgara‘s authentic folk tone, Lena Zevgara‘s sensational stage presence, and the supreme music show she presents, the combination all together is unforgettable! Lena Zevgara won the love of the people from the first moment. In 2018, Lena Zevgara released her first song “Oneira”, written by Michalis Touratzidis, Vassilis Karras, and Jenny Tsiko, followed by “Simera Kai Avrio”, “Ela Ela” and a live unplugged. All of Lena Zevgara‘s songs are incredibly special and each song generated millions of fans! Her songs topped the digital charts and the radio airplay, charts, while they became viral on social media, counting millions of YouTube views. At the same time, Lena Zevgara‘s live appearances are always sold out. In the summer of 2019, Lena Zevgara set a record, as Lena Zevgara appeared in more than 70 cities throughout Greece. In the autumn of the same year, Lena Zevgara sang for the first time on a big track in Athens, at the “Tokyo Athens Theater”, with Lena Zevgara performances lasting about five months, taking two overtimes. Lena Zevgara is a name that will continue to touch hearts with the power of special music.

There is a rich list of remarkable songs by the artist Lena Zevgara:

Karma · 2021

Oneira · 2018

Sta Patomata · 2020

Imarton (Live) · 2020

Simera Kai Avrio · 2019

Thalassa I Agapi · 2015

Oneira / Pou Ksaploneis Pou Koimasai / Echasa Ti Gi / Zimia / Amarties (Live Unplugged) · 2019

Remarkably, the last on the list is a unique song where talent and lyrics make a great combination and the artist deserves the grace of honor for the marvelous voice and presentation.
The superior song ‘ένα Ζευγαρά – Όλα Τα Αγάπησα’ by Lena Zevgara can be heard on YouTube on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2XLIJ226h8
Lena Zevgara made this song a reality. The amazing song ‘ένα Ζευγαρά – Όλα Τα Αγάπησα’ by Lena Zevgara is produced by the following talented team:

Directed by Alex Konstantinidis
Creative Director: Anastasia Panopoulou
Focus Puller: Anastasis Tsallas
Camera Operator: Dimitris Kopalidis, Triantafyllos Aslanidis
Production Manager: Ioanna Galeou
Production Assist: Giannis Bairaktarov
Dop & Editing: Alex Konstantinidis

Additionally, the outstanding styling associated with the special song ‘ένα Ζευγαρά – Όλα Τα Αγάπησα’ by Lena Zevgara was handled by a talented team that includes the following names:
Styling Director: Dionysis Pyromallis
Makeup Artist: Vaso Nakopoulou
Hair Stylist: Konstantinos Eythimiou
Nail Artist: Anna Maria Thomakou

Additionally, the photographer and guest of honor are worthy of the mention:
Still Photographer: Vasilios F
Guest: Antonis Kiskiras

Fans can follow Lena Zevgara on Tik Tok via the following link: https://bit.ly/3M59KWs
Fans can also follow Lena Zevgara on Instagram via the following link: https://bit.ly/3V2g9Wo

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