Inca Digital is a digital asset intelligence company that provides data, analytics, and expertise to many of the world’s leading exchanges, financial institutions, regulators, and government agencies. Inca Digital’s clients can benefit from using its unique and comprehensive intelligence to surveil digital asset markets, fight crime, generate alpha, and many more. With a team of military-trained engineers, professional analysts, and advanced security experts, Inca Digital is on a mission to usher crypto into the mainstream by bringing clarity, safety, and stability to the asset class.

Digital Assets are complex usually with the never-ending growing technology. Hence, Inca Digital is a client’s first guide!
Inca Digital team analyzes data across crypto markets, blockchains, news, and social media to deliver comprehensive intelligence to the financial institutions, technology firms, and government entities that are shaping the digital asset space. The result is magnificent: A level of clarity, safety, and stability that is unprecedented in this very industry!

To fully understand digital assets, clients require to check and understand market data, blockchain data, and data from news and social media. Inca Digital is the only company that provides all of those factors in one place, along with the infrastructure, analytics, and expertise to make sense of it all. This combination makes Inca Digital the client’s number one choice!

Digital Asset Intelligence at Inca Digital:
It is a major advantage that Inca Digital provides ‘Raw Data’ for developers, an advanced UI and analytics for analysts, custom-built dashboards, and timely reports for decision-makers. This magnificent approach allows accurate information delivered to the clients via analytics that is simply real and reliable! The standardized data along with timely reports for decision makers will make the experience even greater in both learning and development!

Comprehensive, Illuminating, and Intuitive Approach by Inca Digital:
Whether customers want to grow their digital asset business, protect their client’s investments, or identify illicit activity, Inca Digital provides the data, analytics, and expertise necessary to get the job perfectly accomplished!

A Single Point of Intelligence with Inca Digital:
A one-stop shop for digital asset intelligence, including diverse datasets, powerful analytics, and intelligence specialists to make sense of it all, this can be experienced at Inca Digital!

Massive Reach with Inca Digital:
Clients can holistically examine and access data and analytics on thousands of markets and cryptocurrencies, as well as new industries migrating to blockchain solutions!

Developer-Friendly System with Inca Digital:
Clients can leverage the Inca Digital system or even when needed use their own. Inca Digital is a multi-cloud and delivers data via APIs and data dumps, Kafka streams, AWS and Splunk dashboards, and more!

Collaborative Approach with Inca Digital:
Inca Digital teamwork to design a technological solution that meets the client’s needs. The Inca Digital intelligence team and developers will collaborate with clients and develop new data analytics specific to the client’s operations!

Accurate Data with Inca Digital:
At Inca Digital, data and analytics run the crypto gamut, from market moves to blockchain signals to social media impact. The common thread simply means that all these factors are necessary to truly understand the digital asset landscape.

Adam Zarazinski mentions on Coindesk on Mar 8, 2022, that the U.S. administration has an opportunity to take the lead on the future of finance and the internet so as to restore American credibility in the world. Adam Zarazinski is CEO of Inca Digital, a digital asset data and analytics provider for cryptocurrency exchanges, financial institutions, and government agencies, including the Department of Defense. Additionally, he is a Major in the U.S. Air Force Reserve!

The White House reportedly will soon issue an executive order to direct agencies across the federal government to conduct a risk analysis and a coordinated approach to digital assets as a part of national security.

Digital assets like bitcoin (BTC) do introduce risks for immediate U.S. national security objectives that require federal agency action and coordination. Yet, there are more significant national security opportunities that should drive the U.S. to support the continued growth of this very digital asset ecosystem.

National security risks to be aware of that are emphasized by Adam Zarazinski, the CEO of Inca Digital:
Just like other technology, digital assets are used to traffic drugs and launder money, unfortunately. Digital asset markets contend with fake trading volumes, wash trading, and pump and dump schemes as they mature. Larger geopolitical forces may also influence the reality: It may be suggested that China manipulates the price of cryptocurrencies through its regulatory actions to gain a position of strength toward the implementation of the digital yuan as part of its Belt and Road Initiative.

It can be suggested politically that North Korea steals cryptocurrency to fund its nuclear weapons program. The Putin Regime built Venezuela’s digital asset ecosystem as a test case to further its own goal of creating payment systems independent from Western financial infrastructure, and it will likely move beyond proof-of-concept in the long term with U.S. sanctions appearing online.

All of these significant economic and political factors mentioned by Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital, play a risk to U.S. national security, and federal agencies need to have better tools to understand how digital assets operate and how to leverage their jurisdictional authority over digital asset markets globally.

National security opportunities to be aware of according to Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital:
Digital assets also present an opportunity for national security according to Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital. They can reduce the wealth gap by cutting global transaction costs. They allow people, globally and regardless of socioeconomic status, control over their own money. They can transform international aid and development, foster trade, and drive a new sector of small businesses in the U.S. They can reduce fraud and inflationary instability in global markets and accordingly can revolutionize the global financial system and fostering digital asset innovation will increase U.S. competitiveness in this new era of great power competition.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a microcosm of these challenges and opportunities. While Russian oligarchs and sanctioned companies might use cryptocurrency to move value globally, Ukrainians have also raised millions in crypto to support the defense of their country! It should be mentioned that every day both Ukrainians and Russians are using crypto to successfully ease the financial blowback of the war.

Clinton’s Approach according to Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital:
The U.S. should foster responsible innovation and manage risk similar to what was done in the past. Twenty-five years ago, the Clinton administration built a policy framework for the internet much like the Biden administration will soon do for crypto. The Clinton administration set out a crisp articulation of an open-innovation, market-first vision for the early days of the internet. The policy introduced five principles for the internet that are remarkably relevant to crypto today:

1- Innovation: Broader participation and lower prices will arise in a market-driven arena. If the administration focuses on a market-driven approach, in particular where there are partnerships between the private sector and public sector to manage risk and share best practices, innovation will thrive, and lower prices with greater financial participation will result. This positive outlook is supported by Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital

2- Government should avoid undue restrictions. Government attempts to regulate are likely to be outmoded by the time they are finally enacted. Risks presented by digital asset services are simply new twists on the same risks presented by other financial services. Digital asset businesses should be subject to the same rules as financial service businesses in other asset classes. Same service, same rules, same legal framework – no more, no less. This positive outlook is supported by Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital!

3- Where government involvement is needed, the aim should be to support and enforce a predictable, minimalist, consistent and simple legal environment. While many cryptocurrency start-ups bristle at the thought of government regulation and may decry any attempt to regulate the space, even more, want clear rules to access U.S. markets safely and compliantly. Contrasting regulations, particularly between federal and state law, need to be streamlined.

4- The genius and explosive success of the internet can be attributed in part to its decentralized nature and to its tradition of bottom-up governance. These same characteristics pose significant logistical and technological challenges to existing regulatory models, and governments should tailor their policies accordingly.” Decentralization and bottom-up governance are core tenets of crypto, and regulatory frameworks are now contending with complicated new digital assets and services, from decentralized exchanges to non-fungible tokens (NFT).

5- Legal frameworks for e-commerce should be facilitated on a global basis. President Bill Clinton acknowledged that the internet is a global marketplace. Digital assets build on that theme by allowing individuals to transfer value globally in an instant.

These principles do not mean that federal agencies should not act to understand cryptocurrency, regulate the space and enforce laws. They should, and most of them already do. From the Securities and Exchange Commission to the Federal Bureau of Investigation to the Secret Service, they are all working to leverage their jurisdiction in the digital asset ecosystem and have key roles to play in protecting the integrity of U.S. financial infrastructure.

In 2018, Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital, left the U.S. Air Force to start Inca Digital with the goal of bringing large financial institutions and government agencies into the crypto ecosystem. In addition to market surveillance, Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital, mentioned that Inca Digital team collects intelligence on ransomware, hacker attacks, and the distribution of blockchain nodes for banks and law enforcement agencies. Inca Digital even works with the Department of Defense to track the use of cryptocurrencies in illicit supply chain activity and support counter-nuclear proliferation operations.

To maintain U.S. national security, and America’s place in the global economy, Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital, suggested that the U.S should look to what is fundamental to America: an open society with bold thinkers and entrepreneurs pushing the limits of the system with responsible technological innovation. That is what was done even at the dawn of the internet age, and that is what should be done now.

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