There is a new innovative way to fix credit, it’s called ASAP Credit Repair!
ASAP Credit Repair is a Family-Owned and Operated Credit Repair Company. Founded in 2008, ASAP Credit Repair has become one of the most recognized Credit Repair Brands across the United States.

Joe Mahlow, the founder of ASAP Credit Repair, has been working in the credit industry for over 17+ years and in the Auto and Mortgage industries helping clients to get approved for loans. One night after work, Joe was having a conversation with some co-workers, which steered towards the fact that over half of their clients couldn’t purchase because of bad credit. The next day, he set out to find a way to resolve this problem, and within weeks, he’d bought a Credit Repair franchise. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, the company he’d purchased his new business from was in the midst of financial collapse. Having invested everything he had to start this business, he could either go back to selling cars or accept he was face to face with his destiny. It was at this moment that ASAP Credit Repair was born.

Of course, that was only the beginning. Anyone can find tips and tricks on the internet, but to get results for all the clients that Joe was already responsible for and avoid legal ramifications, he couldn’t just know tips and tricks; he needed to know and understand the laws.

After four years of day in, day out, trial and error, Joe and the team at ASAP Credit Repair finally reached a consistent success rate that many Credit Repair companies would (and did) envy. With an average deletion/success rate of 73%, ASAP Credit Repair has consistently resolved most of their clients’ credit concerns by permanently deleting items from their credit reports, improving their scores, and focusing on their goals throughout the process.

ASAP Credit Repair has two critical missions: 1) to provide an effective and inexpensive option for Credit Repair and 2) to provide the best customer service experience along the way.

ASAP Credit Repair was originally established in 2008 and formally took the name in 2013.
When customers choose to pay for your services at ASAP Credit Repair, they gain access to the following benefits:

1- Attorney Advice at ASAP Credit Repair
Customers can get free attorney advice

2- Best Price at ASAP Credit Repair
100% money-back guarantee

3- 73% Average Success Rate at ASAP Credit Repair
Customers will be able to enjoy a high success rate

ASAP Credit Repair Process –
Other companies tend to make Credit Repair a complicated process.
Customers at ASAP Credit Repair undergo a feasible process as the following:
1- Step 1: Customers can access their free Credit Report.
2- Step 2: Credit consultation with a dedicated senior consultant.
3- Step 3: Customized disputes drafted up using Propriety AI technology.
4- Step 4: Live tracking software provides customized detailed monthly updates.
5- Step 5: ASAP Credit Repair gets the mission accomplished in this step!

Pricing Benefits at ASAP Credit Repair
Other companies charge customers a never-ending monthly fee!
Asap Credit Repair offers Flat Fee Pricing! Asap Credit Repair only charges for the targeted items.

Guarantee at ASAP Credit Repair
Most Companies give Zero guarantees!
Asap Credit Repair offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The process at ASAP Credit Repair
Most companies will only dispute one item per month.
Asap Credit Repair Dispute all your derogatory Items all at once.

Dedicated Consultations at ASAP Credit Repair
A dedicated senior consultant and senior account manager work with customers along the way.

ASAP Credit Repair offers a service Guarantee –
ASAP Credit Repair guarantees results or clients will receive a full refund. In less than 1% of cases, we can’t guarantee specific items to be removed, so ASAP Credit Repair may therefore offer a non-guarantee agreement to the client instead.

ASAP Credit Repair can access a free copy of credit reports from Annual Credit Reports although they do not provide credit scores and their reports are hard to access and download. A site recommended to all our clients is IdentityIQ. Their credit reports are the most accurate, with the most information, and they are super easy to access.

Guarantee –
Most Companies give ZERO Guarantee, unfortunately! ASAP Credit Repair offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Successful Service –
It definitely works! It’s difficult to last in the Credit Repair industry unless one can provide reliable results plus incredible customer service! ASAP Credit Repair has been in the industry for over 15 years, not many other companies can say the same thing.

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